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Other Personal Injuries

At Cederberg Law, our Boulder County personal injury lawyers have a proven record of securing compensation for those who have suffered any type of personal injury.

Human beings are fragile, and the carelessness or reckless behavior of others can damage any aspect of the human body or psyche. At Cederberg Law, our Boulder County personal injury lawyer and his legal team are sympathetic to how devastating physical and emotional injuries can be, and we are committed to championing victims’ rights to help them secure the compensation they need and deserve. In addition to handling cases associated with broken bones, brain injuries and spinal cord injuries, we are also highly skilled at representing people who have sustained other types of personal injuries, such as:

  • Soft tissue injuries
  • Amputations and loss of limbs
  • Electrocutions
  • Loss of vision
  • Hearing damage.

We have extensive experience building injured people the strongest possible cases that can effectively demonstrate to insurance companies and juries the full impact of all types of injuries and traumas. One of our primary goals is to help injured individuals obtain the maximum possible compensation for their injuries and losses so that they can focus on their recovery and future.

Our Dedicated Pursuit of Justice

Some of the specific ways in which we help mount the strongest possible personal injury cases for our clients include by:

  • Gathering expert witnesses to testify on our clients’ behalf
  • Thoroughly analyzing doctors’ reports and medical records
  • Compiling all necessary evidence, which could include police reports, witness statements, medical bills, etc.
  • Aggressively defending our clients in mediation, arbitration and trial proceedings
  • Working tirelessly to get the defendant’s evidence thrown out of court.

Contact the Boulder County Bone Fracture Attorney at Cederberg Law

If you or a loved one has sustained any type of personal injury and you believe that another party’s negligence may be to blame for your injuries, contact the Boulder County personal injury lawyer at Cederberg Law by calling us at 303-499-0449 or by emailing us using the form at the right-hand side of the screen.

Since 2011, our esteemed legal professionals have been successful at securing results and compensation for people who have sustained serious personal injuries. Having handled countless cases, our attorney and his legal team have a deep understanding of the law, as well as the legal experience necessary to fiercely defend your rights in any legal setting. This makes our trusted lawyer a formidable force that will not back down until you secure the maximum possible compensation for your injuries, expenses and losses.

At Cederberg Law, you will not be handed off to a paralegal or assistant. You will receive personal attention and professional service from an experienced lawyer who cares about you and who is dedicated to providing you with superior legal services at every stage of your case. In addition to offering free initial consults and contingency fee options, our lawyer makes hospital visits to ensure that you have access to the legal support you need – whenever you need it.