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Serving Colorado Mountain Communities

Cederberg Law provides representation to individuals injured in Colorado’s mountain communities and along the I-70 corridor.  Luke Cederberg has extensive experience representing people in these communities, including the towns of Crested Butte and Glenwood Springs.

Major cases that Luke Cederberg has handled in Colorado’s mountain communities include serving as lead counsel for the plaintiffs in a lawsuit against the propane company as a result of the Crested Butte State Bank explosion and representing a lady with severe facial burns arising from a multi-vehicle truck wreck on I-70 west of Glenwood Springs.  Jim has experience handling truck accidents along I-70 and can pursue your claims arising out of truck driver negligence, fatigue, and lack of proper truck maintenance.  He has relationships with the appropriate experts to make your case convincing to a jury.

If you have been injured in a Colorado mountain community, contact Luke Cederberg for an attorney who will fight hard, and fight fair, for you.  Cederberg Law offers free initial consultations and home and hospital visits when appropriate.  Call (303) 499-0449 to speak with a competent Colorado injury attorney.

More Than 35 Years of Proven and Respected Experience

Since 2011, Luke Cederberg has been providing skilled and respected legal representation to clients throughout the mountain communities of Colorado. You can rely on him to advocate for you with dignity and respect. Jim Cederberg fights hard to ensure that your rights are protected and to see that you obtain fair compensation for your injuries.

So if you are in need of a mountain communities & I-70 corridor personal injury attorney, contact the Cederberg Law.