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Fort Collins, Colorado

When you are injured as the result of the negligence of another individual, it is critical to seek the knowledgeable guidance of an experienced personal injury attorney.  The legal team at Cederberg Law represents individuals who have sustained injuries in Fort Collins, Colorado.

Our expertise includes legal claims arising out of car accidents, homeowner’s insurance policies, and private long-term disability policies.  Luke Cederberg has experience representing individuals in Fort Collins and has helped these individuals secure compensation, allowing them to pay their medical expenses and recover for pain and suffering and lost wages.  So if you are in need of a personal injury or insurance lawyer in Fort Collins, contact Jim online or by calling (303) 499-0449.

More Than 35 Years of Proven and Respected Experience

Since 2011, Luke Cederberg has been providing skilled and respected legal representation to clients throughout Colorado.  You can rely on him to advocate for you with dignity and respect. Jim Cederberg fights hard to ensure that your rights are protected and to see that you obtain fair compensation for your injuries.  Contact our firm to speak with an experienced Fort Collins personal injury attorney.