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Broomfield, Colorado

If you have been injured in the Broomfield area, it is important to consult with an experienced lawyer who has helped individuals through similar situations in the past. Luke Cederberg provides well-respected representation to clients throughout Colorado.

Since 2011, Broomfield Personal Injury Lawyer Luke Cederberg has been helping the victims of all types of accidents to receive full and fair compensation from the negligent parties who have injured them. Contact a skilled Colorado personal injury lawyer at the firm for a free initial consultation today.

Accidents and Injuries in Broomfield, Colorado

There are many outdoor and recreational activities to participate in throughout the Broomfield, Colorado, area. Unfortunately, the negligence of other individuals can turn these events into dangerous activities. If you have been hurt while riding your bicycle, hiking or simply walking down the street, the Cederberg Law can help.

Not only do we assist individuals after bike and pedestrian injuries, but we also can help if they were hurt in any circumstance, including:

Effectively Handling Premises Liability Claims

If you have been hurt at a mall, shopping center or hotel in Broomfield, Colorado, Cederberg Law will help you obtain the compensation you need in order to recover. Businesses and individuals throughout Broomfield owe a certain duty of care to individuals on their property. If this duty of care is breached, they should be held responsible for the damages that are caused in a premises liability claim.

Luke Cederberg also has experience assisting those who have been injured on a construction site as well. Whether you were a visitor to the site or a construction worker who was injured on the job, the Broomfield personal injury attorney at Cederberg Law can help.

Contact a Broomfield Personal Injury Attorney

Contact Broomfield Personal Injury Lawyer Luke Cederberg online or call 303-499-04499 to set up a free consultation today.