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Adams County, Colorado

In the 35 years that Luke Cederberg has been practicing law in Colorado, Adams County has developed from a largely agricultural area with a few bedroom communities to homes and places of work, business and shopping for nearly half a million people.  In terms of population, it is the fifth largest county in Colorado.  It has all the benefits and dangers of Colorado as a whole, with interstate highways, railroad lines, industrial centers, refineries, retail centers, construction activity, oil exploration areas, large residential neighborhoods, multi-family housing complexes, mobile home parks, and rural residential properties.

From the old circular courthouse in downtown Brighton, to the impressive and ever-growing Justice Center, Luke Cederberg has handled and tried cases arising throughout Adams County, Northglenn, Thornton, Westminster, Broomfield, Brighton and places in between.  Adams County has long been recognized by lawyers in Colorado as a place where the average person can get a fair shake from a jury of his or her peers, where people have a strong sense of fairness and justice.

With its varied economic and other activities, Adams County’s residents and visitors can be exposed to all kinds of accidents and injuries that give rise to the need for legal assistance, from car and bicycle wrecks to product malfunctions, from propane explosions to oilfield accidents.

If you need a lawyer in Adams County, you can rely on Jim and Luke Cederberg at Cederberg Law to provide the personal, professional, skilled representation that your case deserves.