Continuing from When Negligence Causes Delivery Truck Accidents (Part 1), here, we will continue to discuss some of the more common forms of negligence that can increase the risk of delivery truck accidents. While the first installment of this blog focused on truck driver negligence and delivery truck accidents, below, we will take a closer look at trucking company liability when these types of motor vehicle accidents take place.

Trucking Company Negligence and Liability after Delivery Truck Accidents

Failing to maintain delivery trucks and train drivers are two ways that trucking company negligence can contribute to delivery truck accidents.

Failing to maintain delivery trucks and train drivers are two ways that trucking company negligence can contribute to delivery truck accidents.

Some of the specific ways in which trucking companies may be to blame for contributing to delivery truck accidents can include when these companies:

  • Fail to properly train drivers – From how to properly load cargo to inspecting trucks between driving shifts, trucking companies are responsible for ensuring their drivers know how to safely and properly operate delivery trucks during and in between driving shifts.
  • Fail to conduct background checks on drivers during the hiring process – Doing these checks on drivers can be essential to establishing whether people actually have their commercial drivers’ licenses, as well as whether they have a history of reckless driving behavior (like, for example, driving while intoxicated).
  • Fail to maintain delivery trucks – This can involve not conducting necessary inspections between driving shifts, as well as replacing broken or worn down parts with flimsy, cheap or defective equipment.
  • Incentivizing drivers to disobey federal hours-of-service regulations –Although these regulations are in place to try to curb driver fatigue (by specifically limiting the length of driving shifts), some companies may offer drivers bonuses or other incentives to try to encourage them to get cargo to its destination ahead of schedule.

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