Concluding our three-part blog series Vehicle Safety Defects: 6 Facts You Should Know, here are a few more important facts for motorists to know about vehicle safety defects.

Fact 5 – Automakers are responsible for covering the costs of repairing vehicle safety defects.

When vehicle safety defects cause accidents and injuries, the Denver product liability attorney at Cederberg Law can help people pursue financial recovery.

When vehicle safety defects cause accidents and injuries, the Denver product liability attorney at Cederberg Law can help people pursue financial recovery.

When recalls are issued for vehicle safety defects, it will be up to the responsible automakers to cover all of the costs associated with repairing or replacing the defective equipment for consumers. Generally, this will mean that consumers can take their vehicles to a qualified repair shop to have the appropriate repairs made to their vehicles and will not have to pay anything to have this work done.

In some cases, it can also mean that vehicle owners have to pay out of pocket to cover the costs of the repairs and then get compensated subsequently from the automaker.

Regardless, however, of how this process happens, the cost of repairing vehicle safety defects should always lie with the responsible automaker. If or when consumers are forced to pay for these costs themselves, they can report this to the NHTSA who will investigate the complaint and may end up taking action against the automaker.

Fact 6 – When vehicle safety defects result in accidents and injuries, Cederberg Law will be ready to help victims pursue financial recovery.

While all of the facts we’ve discussed thus far about vehicle safety defects have been important, this is perhaps the single most significant fact for consumers and motorists to remember. The bottom line is that, when vehicle safety defects hurt people, injured people can rely on an experienced Denver product liability attorney at Cederberg Law to:

  • Stand up for their rights
  • Help them hold the negligent automakers (or others) accountable
  • Help pursue financial recovery so they are able to obtain the full amount of compensation they deserve for their injuries and losses.

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