Auto makers who mail consumers notices regarding recalls on vehicle equipment are now required to include specific warning labels on these mailings, according to a recent mandate issued by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

Auto makers are now required to include specific labels on mailed vehicle recall notices, according to a recent mandate issued by the NHTSA.

Auto makers are now required to include specific labels on mailed vehicle recall notices, according to a recent mandate issued by the NHTSA.

First announced at the end of February 2014, this new mandate has been in place for less than two months and is intended to:

  • Quickly attract consumers’ attention regarding important mailings associated with vehicle recalls
  • Prevent consumers from potentially mistaking these mailings for junk mail
  • Ideally incite consumers to take the necessary action in order to replace the recalled equipment on their cars so they can keep their family as safe as possible when they are driving.

Backing this new mandate is Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx, who has explained that, “recalls only work if consumers are aware of them… this new label will allow consumers to quickly recognize recall notices mailed to their homes so they can act quickly to get their vehicles, child restraints, tires or other motor vehicle equipment fixed.”

As part of this new mandated recall labeling, the NHTSA has also announced that:

  • Businesses or marketing firms that try to mimic the new labeling (in an attempt to deceptively attract consumers’ attention) can be substantially fined (and possibly penalized in additional ways).
  • The NHTSA has a new app for consumers that is intended to quickly notify the public about recent vehicle recalls, as well as to facilitate the process of submitting complaints about potential problems with vehicles.

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