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Truck Maintenance

Boulder truck accident lawyers at Cederberg LawLarge trucks are in constant use and cover great distances.  Trucks require maintenance more so than passenger cars.  The constant pressures of delivery schedules, unpredictable weather and road conditions, inexperienced drivers or drivers who are not proficient in English can all contribute to inadequate maintenance.  Another maintenance issue is reluctance to deviate from established service locations or vendors, thus deferring necessary repairs.

Lack of proper maintenance can cause handling and tire problems, brake problems, loose loads, and impair the driver’s ability to see and be seen.

Seemingly routine tasks can become major problems for passenger car drivers sharing the road with large trucks.  For example, in a case successfully handled by Luke Cederberg, the driver was behind schedule due to bad weather in Wyoming.  Pressed to get back on schedule by a dispatcher in Seattle, the driver didn’t have time to pull off the highway into a truck stop to replenish his windshield washer fluid.  Finding himself in sloppy conditions south of Denver, the driver was unable to clear his windshield.  He attempted to turn his wipers on to coordinate with backsplash from other drivers.  This distraction caused him to rear end a young couple in a compact sedan.

This is an example of the kinds of trucking industry patterns and sequences of events that lead to calamity. Luke Cederberg is a Boulder truck accident lawyer who understands the complexities that go into handling an accident claim following a commercial vehicle or truck accident. To learn how you can obtain monetary damages to compensate you after a serious accident, contact our firm or call 303-499-0449 to schedule a free consultation today.