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Electronic On-Board Recorders

The Boulder County truck accident lawyers at Cederberg Law are skilled at obtaining data from electronic on-board records to help truck accident victims obtain the compensation they deserve. Electronic on-board recorders (EOBRs) are devices that are installed in commercial trucks to:

  • Monitor the number of hours truck drivers are operating these vehicles
  • Try to enforce federal hours-of-service (HOS) regulations, which are aimed at reducing truck accidents caused by truck driver fatigue by limiting the number of hours that drivers can operate trucks in a given day or week.

Although the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) is currently working to develop regulations that would require EOBRs in more commercial vehicles, at this point, only about 5,700 interstate trucking companies are legally required to have electronic on-board recorders in their vehicles. This requirement has stemmed from findings that at least 10 percent of truck drivers employed by these companies have violated federal HOS regulations.

For these companies (and others that may be installing electronic on-board recorders in their vehicles in order to receive federal subsidies), EOBRs are taking the place of hand written log books filled out by truck drivers.

How EOBRs Work

Electronic on-board records are very similar to “black boxes” on airplanes because, in the event of a truck accident, EOBRs in trucks can provide details regarding:

  • How fast the truck was going at the time of the accident
  • How long the truck had been operating (i.e., whether or not the truck driver was in compliance with or in violation of federal HOS regulations)
  • Where the truck was at the time of the accident
  • Other performance related data associated with the truck at the time of the accident (for example, whether any of the truck’s equipment was malfunctioning immediately prior to the accident).

Given all of the information that EOBRs can provide, these devices can play a pivotal role in helping truck accident victims:

  • Find evidence against negligent truck drivers and/or trucking companies following a truck accident
  • Obtain the compensation they need and deserve following a truck accident.

How Our Boulder Truck Accident Lawyer Can Help You

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