Regularly checking your tires and maintaining them according to the manufacturer’s suggested maintenance schedule is key to preventing tire blowouts.

Regularly checking your tires and maintaining them according to the manufacturer’s suggested maintenance schedule is key to preventing tire blowouts.

Continuing from Tire Blowouts and Tire Failure (Part 1)¸ the following provides some additional information regarding this type of vehicle equipment defect. While Part 1 of this blog discussed some of the most common causes of tire blowouts and tire failure, here in Part 2, we will focus our discussion on how drivers can prevent this type of vehicle equipment failure in order to reduce their risk of getting into a car accident.

Prevention Tire Blowouts and Tire Failure 

In order to minimize your chances of experiencing a tire blowout or other type of tire failure when driving, follow these tips:

  • Regularly check the air pressure in your tires and be sure to maintain the manufacturer’s suggested air pressure in them (to this end, it’s a good idea to keep a pressure gauge in the trunk of your vehicle so that you can check your tire pressure regardless of where you may be).
  • Regularly check the wear on your tires to ensure that your tires have the proper amount of tread on them. If your tires’ tread is less than 6/32”, then it’s a good idea to replace your tires.

    A quick way to check whether your tires’ tread is less than 6/32” is to use a penny. Place the penny with Lincoln’s head facing downwards into the tread; if the top of the Lincoln Memorial on the back of the penny is covered by the tread, then the tread is greater than 6/32”.

  • Replace your tires according to your manufacturer’s suggested replacement schedule, when recommended by your mechanic and/or when you notice that your tires do not have a sufficient amount of tread.
  • Avoid running over animals and/or debris in the roads whenever possible.

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