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Slip and fall incidents are the subject of many slapstick routines and cable TV comedy videos.  But in real life, slip and fall injuries are not funny and can cause serious and devastating injuries.  Therefore, it is important for persons responsible for the condition of property to be knowledgeable and vigilant about conditions that can cause slips and falls.

Causes of Slip and Fall Injuries

Common causes of slip and fall injuries are ice and snow, spills, wet floors and slick surface materials. Wet floors and spilled merchandise occur in retail stores and procedures must be in place to police and promptly clean up spilled substances.  Wet floors occur from customers tracking moisture in from outside and from mopping operations.

In Colorado, ice and snow happens.  Landowners have a responsibility to take reasonable measures to timely remove snow and ice in areas where customers, residents or employees are likely to walk.  What constitutes a timely and reasonable effort is usually debatable and depends on the facts of the particular situation.

Many slip and fall incidents result from poor drainage that should be corrected long before the snow flies, such as rain gutters or spouts that spill or discharge onto sidewalks, or awnings that hold snow and then drip and refreeze onto building entrances or stairs.  Heavily traveled areas that allow water to pool and refreeze are dangerous.  Conditions on the north side of buildings require more attention.

Slick floors can also result from preventable or correctible conditions such as leaking refrigerator cases, leaking produce cases, or leaking pipes, toilets or plumbing fixtures.

Many stores and even exterior locations have extensive security monitoring surveillance, and these images can be powerful evidence in a slip and fall claim.  The landowner should be instructed to preserve any such surveillance as soon as possible after an incident occurs, as many of these surveillance recordings are only preserved for a short time.  The location should be carefully photographed as soon as possible after any fall.

Many substances on retail store shelves produce extremely slick conditions when they find their way onto the floor.  Prime suspects are detergents, dish soap, shampoo, and oils.  Retail stores are scientifically laid out to attract shoppers’ attention to anywhere and everywhere except where they are walking.

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