While red light cameras can be effective at getting motorists to not run red lights at intersections, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) has reported that these cameras do, in fact, increase the incidence of rear-end collisions at intersections.

Studies reporting that the use of red light cameras at intersections increases the incidence of rear-end collisions have led to the call to ban these cameras in Colorado.

Studies reporting that the use of red light cameras at intersections increases the incidence of rear-end collisions have led to the call to ban these cameras in Colorado.

Specifically, various research and studies have found that the use of red light cameras at intersections can:

  • Cause drivers to stop short and slam on the brakes – Although stopping at intersections with red lights is the law, drivers who stop on yellow due to the presence of red light cameras can increase the risk of rear-end car accidents (as other drivers presume the motorists in front of them will be proceeding through the yellow light).
  • Be significant distractions to drivers, potentially causing them to lose focus on the road and not perceive/properly respond to changing roadway conditions.

Critics Calling for Red Light Camera Ban Hit a Roadblock

Although some regulators have tried to argue that the use of red light cameras reduces the number of overall motor vehicle accidents at intersections, critics remain skeptical and have pointed out that:

  • The rates of car accidents at intersections equipped with red light cameras have tripled according to some research.
  • Rear-end accidents are not the only types of motor vehicle accidents that tend to increase at intersections monitored by red light cameras – some studies have found that pedestrian and bicycle accidents may also increase at these intersections.
  • Given the dangers and risks associated with the use of red light cameras at intersections, the use of them seems to be motivated by economic interests (i.e., increasing cities’ or counties’ ticketing revenues), rather than the interests of public safety.

Such critics have been the driving force in trying to get a ban on red light cameras enacted in Colorado.

Unfortunately, however, the latest efforts to get this ban passed were shut down at the end of last month (April 2014), as lawmakers gutted the proposed ban by changing the bill into a study on whether red light cameras should be banned. As this controversy persists and more studies are conducted regarding the role of red light cameras in causing car accidents, support for the ban may continue to grow and eventually persuade lawmakers to pass a red light camera ban in Colorado.

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