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Federal Courthouse DenverYou pay good money for insurance to protect your financial security and help with your financial needs in times of trouble or calamity. You deserve the peace of mind that having such protection brings.

When your insurance company fails to abide by the terms of an insurance policy, it should be forced to live up to its end of the bargain. The best thing that you can do is to contact the Cederberg Law Firm, to set up a free consultation with Boulder Insurance Dispute Lawyer Jim Cederberg about an insurance dispute.

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All insurance companies are very good at charging premiums, but too often they fail to deliver on their promises in your time of need. Because policyholders depend on insurance companies for financial security, the law imposes a responsibility on insurers to act fairly and in good faith. Good faith means a lot of things. It requires honesty, legitimate and sincere offers and estimates, and timely payment of claims. In certain situations, good faith requires that the insurance company treats the insured’s interest at least equally with its own.

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Failure to Meet Any of These Responsibilities Is Bad Faith

When an insurance company fails, for any reason, to pay what it owes under the terms of the policy, you may need a lawyer’s assistance to collect what you are owed. If the failure to pay includes bad faith, you may be entitled to additional damages above and beyond the policy amounts.

Common circumstances that involve claims against your own insurance company are uninsured motorist insurance claims, life insurance claims, homeowners policy claims, disability insurance claims and health insurance claims.

Uninsured motorist coverage under your automobile policy provides benefits in the event you are injured in a motor vehicle accident and the at-fault party has no insurance or inadequate insurance. Uninsured motorist claims are much like other auto accident claims except you are dealing with your own insurance company.

Penalties for Unreasonable Denial or Delay

Colorado law provides statutory remedies for unreasonable denial or delay of payments due under your insurance coverage, including twice the amount delayed, attorneys’ fees and costs.

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Boulder Insurance Dispute Lawyer Jim Cederberg has experience handling policyholders’ claims in many kinds of insurance disputes. To learn more about your legal options for resolving an insurance dispute, contact the Cederberg Law Firm for a free consultation.

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