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House Fire Homeowners insurance protects the policy holder against losses caused by casualties like fires, storm damage, water damage and burst pipes. Homeowners insurance also provides liability coverage for injuries to a non-family member as a result of negligence on the part of the homeowner or a family member.

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Insurance companies have an obligation to do what they promised in the policy and treat the insured fairly and in good faith. If an insurance company acts in bad faith, it can be held liable for damages beyond the coverage provided in the policy.

Enforcing the Terms of Your Insurance Policy Coverage

All insurance policies are contracts that provide specific benefits. They only cover the types of losses specified in the policy. Homeowners insurance policies are difficult for the average homeowner to read and understand. Even lawyers have a hard time reading them, and insurance adjusters often don’t understand a policy they are supposed to interpret.

If you experience damage to your home as the result of fire, storm damage, a burst pipe, vandalism or theft, make sure that your insurance company agrees to pay for all covered losses. They must fully investigate the claim before denying any part it. The insurer should pay a fair amount in a timely manner. They should assist you every step of the way. If disaster relief is needed, they should help you arrange that and pay the vendor.

They should help you identify damaged items and structure damage and provide you with a fair estimate. They should offer you the opportunity to get estimates of your own. They should openly discuss their estimate with you and honestly answer your questions. If a portion of the loss is agreed upon, they should pay the undisputed amount promptly even if issues remain. You have a duty to fully cooperate with the insurance company and to take reasonable steps to control the damage.

Get Help With a Liability Insurance Claim

Your liability coverage included in your homeowners’ policy provides protection for claims against you for something other than a car accident. If someone is injured on your property or if someone is hurt anywhere under circumstances that could be the fault of you or a family member, notify your homeowners insurance carrier immediately. They should assume responsibility for the investigation and hire a lawyer to represent you. The insurance company owes you separate duties to defend the claim and to settle the claim within the policy limits if it is reasonable to do so.

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