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Mass-produced products can and do cause injuries. In these cases, there is typically no direct contact between the manufacturer of the product and the person it affects. If you are injured in an incident involving a product, you may be entitled to recover your damages if the product was defective and unreasonably dangerous. Generally, but not always, these concepts are given a commonsense meaning by the courts. If a product turns out to be more dangerous than an ordinary consumer would expect, then it may very well be considered unreasonably dangerous.

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Holding Businesses Liable for Your Injuries

Because product manufacturers are held to the standard of an expert in their field, defects in products may not always be obvious to the persons injured, even after the injury has occurred. Defects also may not be detected by lawyers who do not have experience with product liability cases. Any substantial injury associated with a product warrants an investigation by a lawyer experienced in product liability law.

It is not necessary to own or even use a product in order to have a claim against the manufacturer. Legal protection against dangerous products extends to persons using or affected by the product.

Helping People Seriously Injured by a Defective Product

A product can be defective because of a manufacturing flaw, an improper design or a lack of adequate warnings. Manufacturers are required to anticipate the foreseeable uses of their product and conduct a hazard-risk analysis. They must design out dangers to a technologically and economically feasible extent, and warn against dangers that cannot be eliminated.

An injured person may be entitled to recover damages even though the product was not being used exactly as it was intended, as long as the use is considered reasonably foreseeable.

Jim Cederberg has successfully handled cases involving automobiles, automobile components, a helicopter engine, toys, construction equipment, a fire starter product, a paddleboat, water heaters and components, furnaces, propane valves, propane tanks, plumbing fixtures, oil field equipment and other defective products.

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