Two blind students attending the University of Northern Colorado were seriously injured this past Monday when a broken signal resulted in a car hitting them as they crossed the street. This severe pedestrian accident reportedly occurred at 11th Avenue and 22nd Street in Greeley where various elements of the signal were not properly functioning, including the speakers that are intended to alert blind pedestrians when they have the right-of-way and can safely cross the street.

A serious pedestrian accident involving two blind students in Greeley was caused when a broken traffic signal failed to warn the students of oncoming vehicles.

A serious pedestrian accident involving two blind students in Greeley was caused when a broken traffic signal failed to warn the students of oncoming vehicles.

As these injured students now focus on recovering from head injuries, as well as leg and pelvic fractures, officials with the city of Greeley have stated that they are looking into adding some new high-tech safety equipment to this and other signals throughout the city. One option, according to one of the victims of the pedestrian accident, is a system that would announce whether pedestrians can safely proceed (by stating “Go”) or whether they should not cross (because it states “Stop”).

As the Investigation into the Pedestrian Accident Continues, More Negligence May Uncovered

Greeley detectives are currently still investigating whether any criminal negligence may have contributed to this serious pedestrian accident. While law enforcement officials can help the injured students pursue justice in the criminal justice system (if any criminal negligence is ultimately revealed to have played a role in the pedestrian accident), these students – and others injured in similar pedestrian accidents – may be able to also pursue justice in civil court.

Some of the forms of negligence that may end up being related to this pedestrian accident (and, therefore, would form the basis of a pedestrian accident lawsuit) include (but are by no means limited to):

  • City employees failing to inspect signals in a timely manner or according to the set schedule
  • City employees failing to make the appropriate repairs to obviously broken or malfunctioning signals
  • Other motorists on the roadway being distracted, fatigued, drunk or otherwise impaired, reckless and/or careless.

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