Every year, motorists step on their brake pedals nearly 1 million times. Although most of these brake applications occur without incident, in some cases, motorists can experience pedal error, which occurs when:

  • They mistake the brake for the accelerator pedal;
  • Drivers’ feet slip off of the brake and onto the accelerator; or
  • Drivers inadvertently step on both the brake and the accelerator pedals.

Regulators at the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) have recently revealed that pedal error is causing about 16,000 auto accidents in the U.S. each year. On a daily basis, this means that about 44 pedal error-related accidents occur on U.S. roadways. Below are some important facts to know about pedal error.

Pedal Error: Here’s What You Should Know

Pedal error, a dangerous and preventable phenomenon, causes 44 auto accidents every day in the U.S., a Denver car accident lawyer explains.

Pedal error, a dangerous and preventable phenomenon, causes 44 auto accidents every day in the U.S., a Denver car accident lawyer explains.

When it comes to pedal error and traffic accidents, the facts are that:

  • Pedal error tends to occur in the presence of other vehicles – In fact, the NHTSA reports that pedal error most commonly occurs when drivers are trying to slow down at intersections, driveways/alleyways, highway exits and in parking lots. 
  • Pedal error can cause sudden acceleration – With pedal error, a vehicle’s throttle tends to fully open while little to no brake force is applied. This can result in sudden unintended acceleration, leaving motorists with minimal time to try to, first, figure out what happened and, second, to try to avoid a crash.
  • Some drivers are more susceptible to pedal error than others – Although any driver can be prone to pedal error, those who most commonly experience this phenomenon are motorists who are 20 or younger, as well as those who are 65 and older. In fact, these groups reportedly experience pedal error car accidents about 4 times more often than motorists between the ages of 21 and 64 years old.
  • Pedal error and the accidents it causes is 100 percent preventable – This may be the most important fact to know about pedal error, as it can help motorists be alert to avoiding the behaviors that increase the risk of pedal error. In particular, to minimize the risk of pedal error accidents, the NHTSA recommends that drivers wear the right shoes, familiarize themselves with the vehicle(s) they drive, avoid distractions and drive defensively.

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