Public attention has recently been refocused on the serious risks of sustaining traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) in professional sports as nine former professional hockey players in the National Hockey League (NHL) have recently filed a brain injury lawsuit against the NHL.

Public focus on the risks of TBIs in sports has been reinvigorated with an NHL brain injury lawsuit recently filed on behalf of nine former NHL players.

Public focus on the risks of TBIs in sports has been reinvigorated with an NHL brain injury lawsuit recently filed on behalf of nine former NHL players.

Similar to the NFL brain injury lawsuits filed on behalf of former professional football players, this recently filed NHL brain injury lawsuit is contending that the League:

  • Knew about the high risks of sustaining brain injuries that its players faced
  • Did not warn players of these risks or put measures in place to try to mitigate these risks
  • Instead, actually promoted fighting and violence among professional hockey players to try to increase viewership and, in turn, boost the NHL’s profits.

The nine plaintiffs in this NHL brain injury lawsuit include former professional hockey players who played various positions for different teams in the League over different periods of time. While all of the plaintiffs are alleging that playing hockey professional caused their irreversible brain injuries, in the worst cases, some of the plaintiffs are claiming that they are battling severe depression and other debilitating impacts as a result of their hockey-related brain injuries.

NHL Brain Injury Lawsuit Settlement Not Expected Any Time Soon

Although some of the plaintiffs in this case are hoping that a settlement can be worked out before trial takes place, it’s looking very unlikely at this time that the NHL will make an offer, as the League is poised to fight the allegations in this case (as well as in future brain injury lawsuits it may face).

In fact, according to NHL deputy commissioner Bill Daly, “it’s the nature of these types of cases that once one is filed, a number of similarly styled cases follow. Nothing changes our belief that all of these cases are without merit and they will be defended accordingly.”

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