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Most products, whether they are industrial equipment or home appliances, are subject to certain safety standards. Manufacturers must design and produce products that are safe for all reasonably foreseeable uses. If you were injured as a result of a poorly manufactured product, even if you were not using it the way it was intended, you might be able to bring a claim against the manufacturer.

At Cederberg Law, Luke Cederberg has extensive experience bringing claims against manufacturers for defective and dangerous products. Since 2011, they have aggressively pursued compensation for his injured clients, including damages for pain and suffering, lost wages and medical expenses.

If a poorly manufactured product has injured you, contact Luke Cederberg, a seasoned Boulder defective product lawyer. They provide clients with personal attention, vigorous representation and free initial consultations.

Experienced and Dedicated Legal Counsel 

Manufacturers are required to anticipate any foreseeable uses of their product. For every foreseeable risk, they must analyze the possible risks and hazards. When they fail to meet this responsibility and warn of potential hazards, serious injuries can result.

Attorney Cederberg has successfully represented clients injured as a result of many different defectively manufactured or defectively designed products. Dangerous products can include:

  • Landscaping and lawn mowing equipment, such as zero-turn lawn mowers and snowblowers
  • Furnaces and water heaters and space heaters
  • Cars and car parts, such as gas tanks and valves
  • Propane tanks and valves
  • Home appliances
  • Construction equipments, such as forklifts, man lifts, cranes and other industrial equipment
  • Defective explosives
  • Farm equipment, including tractors and combines
  • Oilfield equipment
  • Wheelchairs
  • Ladders
  • Manlifts and elevated work platforms
  • Aircraft components
  • Fire starter and cleaning products

This list is not exhaustive. Many products can cause injuries due to their faulty manufacturing or design. Boulder Attorney Luke Cederberg can help you determine if you have a claim. He will fight to secure the compensation you deserve for your injuries.

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Call 303-499-0449 or contact Luke Cederberg, a trusted Boulder industrial equipment injury attorney, to discuss your case. In a free initial consultation, he will help you understand your options, and you can learn what he can do for you.