Continuing from where we left off in Intersection Car Accidents: 6 Facts to Know (Pt. 1), below, we will resume our discussion regarding some important facts to know about the incidence and causes of intersection car accidents.

More Fascinating Facts about Intersection Car Accidents…

Fact 3 – When intersection car accidents are caused by human error, the single most common error at play is inadequate surveillance.

Most intersection car accidents are caused by drivers who are not paying enough attention to the changing driving conditions at intersections.

Most intersection car accidents are caused by drivers who are not paying enough attention to the changing driving conditions at intersections.

Interestingly, when drivers themselves (rather than environmental conditions) are responsible for causing intersection car accidents, more than 44 percent of these accidents are caused by “inadequate surveillance” or failing to properly look at intersections. In other words, inadequate surveillance is responsible for nearly 315,000 intersection car accidents each year in the U.S.

Some of the factors that can contribute to inadequate surveillance at intersections include (but are not necessarily limited to):

  • Distracted driving, as drivers will fail to take in all of the essential visual cues at intersections when they are too busy talking on the phone, texting or doing anything else but fully focusing on the task of driving
  • Drunk driving, which can impair drivers’ perception, as well as their reaction times
  • Driving while fatigued, which can cause impairments similar to drunk driving in some cases.

Fact 4 – When drivers younger than 24 years old are responsible for intersection car accidents, the most common cause is “internal distraction.”

This may not be big news to anyone who has read the statistics about texting while driving; nevertheless, the fact remains that distracted driving is the single most common cause intersection car accidents caused by drivers who are younger than 24 years old.

Considering the fact that these young drivers are also the least experienced on the roads (and that many states ban cellphone use among these drivers), it’s all the more distressing that distracted driving is still such a problem – and is still resulting in people getting hurt in intersection car accidents.

We will discuss two more important facts you should know about intersection car accidents in the upcoming conclusion to this blog series – be sure to check it out!

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