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You count on your insurance policies to be financial safety nets that you can fall back on after an accident, injury or illness. All too frequently, however, getting payouts for legitimate claims can be challenging – if not an outright battle, as insurers regularly push back and may even deny valid claims for minor or perplexing reasons.

When insurance claims denials seem fishy, people should fight back. Contact a Boulder insurance dispute lawyer at Cederberg Law for help fighting insurers.

When insurance claims denials seem fishy, people should fight back. Contact a Boulder insurance dispute lawyer at Cederberg Law for help fighting insurers.

When people find themselves in this situation, they should know that:

  • They can and should fight back.
  • Standing up to insurers will be necessary to obtaining the payouts they deserve.
  • They will have the best chances of securing a settlement by working with a trusted Boulder insurance dispute lawyer at Cederberg Law.

In this two-part blog, we will spotlight some common reasons for insurance claim denials and highlight when policyholders should take a stand to fight insurers.

Insurance Claim Denials Due to Paperwork Errors

When submitting claims to insurers, policyholders may be required to fill out and submit a number of forms, some of which can be complicated and/or may have very strict deadlines. While the complex nature of such forms can increase the risk that mistakes will be made, this risk can also increase when the person trying to complete such forms:

  • Has suffered a serious injury (like a head injury)
  • Has never submitted a claim against his policy in the past.

If an insurer cites paperwork errors as a reason for a claim denial, don’t accept this as the final disposition of the claim. Instead, fight back with the help of Cederberg Law.

Insurance Claim Denials Due to “Non-Coverage” Claims

Sometimes, insurers may try to deny a claim because, as they state, a policy doesn’t cover the injuries, accident or losses associated with a policyholder’s specific incident. Getting to heart of this dispute will typically involve a careful review of the insurance policy for any specific language that pertains to the coverage or the lack thereof for a claim.

Because insurance policies can be lengthy and obtuse, when this type of insurance claim denial has been issued, it’s best to contact Cederberg Law for help fighting back against the insurer.

Stay posted for the second part of this blog to come!

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