Fires & Falls Are the Biggest Risks Elderly People Face at Home, the CPSC Says

Fires & Falls Are the Biggest Risks Elderly People Face at Home, the CPSC Says

At home, the two biggest causes of injury and death to the elderly (people 65 and up) are fires and falling down, according to officials at the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC).

In fact, when it comes to falling at home, the CSPC has explained that:

  • The number one cause of product-related injuries among the elderly is falling down.
  • About 67 percent of elderly people who seek ER care are doing so for falling injuries.

Additionally, the CSPC has pointed out that, when home fires break out, the elderly are far more likely than the general population to sustain fatal injuries.

Knowing that elderly people face such risks at home – and that some may be living with declining health that may prevent them from being able to recognize and fix potential safety hazards, the CPSC has published some safety tips to help families combat and minimize these risks.

CPSC Tips for Reducing the Risk of Falls at Home

To minimize the chances that your elderly loved ones will fall at home, the CPSC recommends:

  • Keeping stairways well lit
  • Repairing broken handrails for stairs (or installing handrails if none are present)
  • Keeping walkways clear of clutter
  • Repairing broken flooring
  • Removing non-skid mats or rugs
  • Adding grab bars around bathroom features (like showers, tubs and toilets)
  • Checking/updating elderly loved ones’ eyeglasses prescriptions
  • Getting them mobility aides if needed.

To minimize the chances of a home fire, the CSPC recommends:

  • Having and going over an emergency escape plan with an elderly loved one
  • Installing CO and smoke detectors in their homes
  • Going over fire prevention and fire safety with them (especially before wintertime).

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