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Scan Apr 24, 2014, 11_26 AM-page1We handle claims involving fire damage to residential and commercial properties.  Sometimes fires result from the negligence of others or from defective products.  Claims against responsible parties are brought very much like claims for personal injuries, except the damages issues are structure and contents losses, interruption of business, and other kinds of business damage.

Whether caused by the fault of others or not, fire damage often triggers insurance coverage under a homeowners insurance policy or commercial casualty insurance policy.  The issues that arise in fire insurance claims typically can fall under three categories: 1) scope of the damage and necessary structural repairs and scope of damage to contents;  2) valuation of the structural repairs and contents; and 3)  policy interpretation.

At Cederberg Law, our fire damage attorney knows how to deal with insurance companies and find the right experts to analyze and evaluate the full extent of structure and content damage, provide detailed documentation, make sure that estimates include the full cost of repairs, and help the insured sort out and itemize content losses.  We can understand your insurance coverage and make sure that it is properly applied to your losses.  We can evaluate proposed settlements and make sure that you are not being short-changed of your rights under your insurance policy.

Unlike some other insurance situations, the insurer adjusting a fire loss must pay undisputed amounts as soon as they are determined, even if other amounts, issues or claims remain unknown or uncertain.  Timely payments of undisputed amounts are critical to allow the homeowner to get back on his or her feet and address the more difficult issues without undue financial pressure.  Living expense benefits should be extended for reasonable periods if circumstances, as they often do, prevent the homeowner from repairing or rebuilding as quickly as they would like.

We can help make insurance companies deal with you fairly so that you can deal with the daunting task of rebuilding and replacing your possessions in an orderly manner, and make sure that you receive all that you bargained for, without being rushed or pressured by the insurance company.

We are familiar with Colorado’s laws that protect your rights and penalize insurers if they unreasonably deny or delay payments, and we know how to communicate these laws and their effects to insurance companies.

Boulder Insurance Dispute Lawyer Luke Cederberg has experience handling policyholders’ claims in many kinds of insurance disputes. To learn more about your legal options for resolving an insurance dispute, contact Cederberg Law for a free consultation.