Ongoing research focuses on combating TBIs & improving prognoses

Ongoing research focuses on combating TBIs & improving prognoses

The University of Michigan has teamed up with the U.S. Department of Defense for The Massey Foundation Traumatic Brain Injury Grand Challenge that will identify and award $15 million in contracts to companies that carry out ongoing research to combat traumatic brain injury (TBI).

The judges awarding the contracts are also highly focused on finding programs that provide solutions to the “golden hour” issue. The so-called golden hour refers to the first 24 to 48 hours following a TBI, as this is the most critical in terms of diagnosing and treating patients – and, consequently, in improving patients’ prognosis and survival rates.

Background on TBIs: The Scope & Impacts of Traumatic Brain Injuries

Over the last decade or so, professional football, boxing and other sports have brought concussions and TBIs to the forefront of public awareness, raising concerns about the long-term impacts of these injuries, as well as whether enough efforts are being taken to try to prevent them.

In general, concussions are the mildest form of traumatic brain injury, and people suffering concussions may be able to go on to live normal lives with little or no perceivable effects. In some cases, however, more serious concussions, such as those that can result from car accidents, can have life-changing impacts that can result in permanent damage.

According to WebMD, a concussion or mild brain trauma occurs every 21 seconds in the US.

Symptoms at a Glance

  • No Visible Signs – Although there might be a bump or a bruise, most concussions do not show any visible sings.
  • Dazed and Confused – Some experience light-headedness or even the feeling of being woozy.
  • Clumsiness or Slurred Speech – Those suffering a brain injury often speak incorrectly or have slurred speech.
  • Headache – This is probably the most noticeable symptom.
  • Memory Problems – This symptom may not show up for a while, or it may be more elusive to detect.

Tips for Preventing Concussions 

  • Wear a helmet riding bikes or practicing any sport where falls are common, such as skiing, snowboarding, mountain biking, etc.
  • Secure your seatbelt every time you get in a car.
  • Make your home safe by clearing pathways from obstructions and risks of falls.
  • Avoid heights, ladders, or amusement rides if you are prone to lightheadedness or dizziness.
  • Visit your optometrist on a regular basis to ensure you stay current with proper eye prescriptions, if necessary.

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