Examples of Cases Tried by Jim Cederberg

  • Federal Courthouse DenverCo-counsel for lady who suffered severe burns in propane explosion of recreational vehicle. Trial in Denver District Court. $1.5 Million verdict against Rego Valve, Manchester Tank, and propane supplier.
  • Counsel for parents of nine year old girl killed in a jet ski accident. Trial in Jefferson County District Court against owner of jet ski. Judgment of $1.3 million. This case redefined the value of child wrongful death cases in Colorado.
  • Counsel for plaintiff in legal malpractice case arising from probate matters. Combination settlement and verdict in excess of $900,000.
  • Co-counsel for family of man and young boy who drowned in a paddle boat accident at a Colorado dude ranch. Trial in Denver Federal Court. $1.1 Million verdict against ranch owner and manager. Settlement against Pelican boat manufacturer.
  • Counsel for widow of helicopter pilot killed in crash. Trial in Denver Federal Court. $692,000 verdict against Turbomeca, S.A., manufacturer of helicopter engine. Upheld on appeal by Tenth Circuit.
  • Counsel for 23-year-old lady with low-back disc injury suffered in rear end collision. Trial in Denver District Court. $550,000 verdict.
  • Counsel for man struck by car in his driveway. Injury to disc in mid-back. Trial in Denver District Court. $250,000 verdict.
  • Counsel for 38-year-old lady who suffered thumb ligament injuries in low speed rear end collision. Trial in Denver District Court. $110,000 verdict.
  • Co-Counsel for 23-year-old lady who fractured and dislocated her ankle in a slip and fall on icy steps outside a pool hall. Trial in Boulder District Court. $110,000 verdict.
  • Counsel for young mother rear-ended with infant in car. Trial in Adams County District Court. $80,000 verdict.
  • Multiple other jury verdicts for injured persons in cases involving burns, automobile collisions, disputed life insurance benefits.


  • Counsel for young woman in arbitration against Kaiser Permanente physicians for failure to diagnose and treat stomach ulcer. $240,000 award.
  • Counsel for elderly woman who suffered scalping injury in casino bus crash. Uninsured Motorist arbitration. $150,000 award.

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