Actual Settlements by Jim Cederberg

Denver Courthouse The vast majority of cases settle before trial or arbitration. Jim Cederberg has successfully settled hundreds of cases for injured persons. These are some examples of the cases he has settled.

  • Settlement against Chrysler for confidential amount for 15-year-old boy who suffered quadriplegia and catastrophic brain injury in rollover of Jeep CJ-7.
  • Crested Butte State Bank Explosion. Settled claims for families of two women who were killed, two injured bank employees and the Crested Butte State Bank as the result of March 1990 propane explosion which destroyed the bank building. Settlements totaling $2.9 million versus Empire Gas. Served as lead counsel for plaintiffs’ group.
  • After two successful appeals to the Tenth Circuit, collected more than $2.3 million in long term disability benefits for female attorney who became ill in office building environment.
  • Settlement for young man who suffered disabling brain injury as result of failure of oilfield wellhead component.
  • Settlement of $1.8 million for lady who suffered severe facial burns in multi-vehicle crash on I-70.
  • In August, 2013, Jim Cederberg obtained a $775,000 settlement for 52-year old lady with severe fractures of upper arm.
  • Represented victims of Columbine High School shootings
  • Settlement for young woman who suffered head, pelvic and other injuries in a motorcycle accident.
  • Settlement totaling $565,000 for couple injured by double-trailer semi-truck on I-25.
  • Settlement for widow and four children of worker drowned in plastic-lined wastewater pond at Parachute Creek oil shale facility.
  • Settlement against State of Colorado for motorcyclist injured when cow entered highway right-of-way and was struck by motorcycle.
  • Settlement against Empire Gas and Honeywell for man injured in propane explosion from leaking water heater control valve. Propane was delivered to empty tank without proper out-of-gas service procedures.
  • Settlement against Emerson Electric for man burned in propane explosion due to defective water heater valve.
  • Settlement for worker who suffered quadriplegia and brain injury when he fell from telescoping work platform.
  • Medical malpractice settlement for young man who suffered collapse and catastrophic brain injury due to failure to diagnose heart arrhythmia.
  • Settlement for young girl who suffered facial fractures, scarring and loss of an eye when a camper shell detached from a pickup truck and went through the windshield of the car in which she was riding.
  • Settlement against manufacturer of 40-year-old overhead shop crane for family of worker killed due to inadequate clearance.
  • Settlement for department store sales clerk who suffered Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy after cashier stand cabinet door struck her foot.
  • Settlement for lady who fell in hardware store when she tripped over lumber placed on floor by checker. Fall captured on store surveillance video.
  • Settlement for man burned by explosion of alcohol-based fire starter product known as Ultra Lite or Eco Char.
  • Settlement for widow of 83 year old man who suffered scald burns in bathtub due to defective hot water mixing valve.
  • Settlement for motorcyclist who suffered fractures and dislocations to wrist and arm in collision with drunk driver on rural highway.
  • Settlement for cable TV installer who suffered fractured wrist and shoulder injuries when he fell due to defective condition of support cable attached to power company utility pole.
  • Long-term disability claim versus Provident for insured lawyer who sustained a head injury.
  • Long-term disability claim for chiropractor with back injury.
  • Long-term disability settlements for nurse, physical therapist and city workers.
  • Settlement for female employee of United States Army for sexual harassment.
  • 2011 Settlement of LTD claim for former heavy equipment operator.
  • 2011 Settlement for Arvada Condominium Homeowners Association against property insurer for hail damage.
  • Settlement for unwitnessed slip and fall on ice and snow causing head injury.
  • Settlement against homeowners insurer for couple whose home was destroyed in the Four Mile Canyon fire.

These cases usually involved extensive investigation, discovery, depositions and work with expert witnesses.

Jim Cederberg has obtained hundreds of other settlements for injured persons, including cases involving the following kinds of events: explosions, defective products, automobile collisions, motorcycle accidents, falls, drunk drivers, premises liability, scalding, falling objects, building defects, an amusement park ride, other kinds of accidents, and life, disability, homeowners, uninsured motorist and automobile insurance disputes.

Trials and settlements have included claims for death, burns, spinal injuries and paralysis, all degrees of brain injuries, scalp lacerations, facial and dental injuries, eye injuries, a tongue injury, and injuries to the neck, all parts of the back, shoulders, arms, elbows, wrists, hands, internal organs, lungs, ribs, pelvic bones, hips, legs, knees, ankles and feet.

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