During the holiday season, about 200 people in the U.S. sustain a decoration-related injury every day, and the majority of these injuries result from falling accidents. In fact, decorating fall accidents result in about 13,000 people seeking emergency medical treatment each year in the U.S.

CPSC Safety Tips to Avoid a Fall While Decorating

CPSC Safety Tips to Avoid a Fall While Decorating

This is according to officials at the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), who have explained that, while many holiday falls and other decorating accidents result in bruises, lacerations and bone fractures, these accidents can and common do also result in:

In the worst cases, holiday falling accidents can result in permanent damage, preventing people from living independently, if not life-threatening injuries.

That’s why CPSC officials are now warning the public to be careful when putting up holiday decorations – and why they have released some essential decorating safety tips.

Safety Tips for Holiday Decorating

  1. Be aware of your physical limitations first and foremost – Do you have difficulties balancing? Or do you take any medications that could impact your balance? If so, being conscious of this before you start decorating can help you limit your efforts to the decorating you can safely handle while leaving the light hanging (or other decorating that may require a ladder) to someone else.
  2. Review the rules of ladder safety – If you will be climbing a ladder to decorate your tree or hang lights, take a few moments to go over the rules of ladder safety first. These essentially include:
    • Placing the ladder squarely on the ground before climbing it.
    • Placing the ladder away from any doorways.
    • Always maintaining three points of contact with the ladder (i.e., two hands and one foot or two feet and one hand).
  3. Get some help if you can – If a loved one is available to help you decorate, take advantage of the extra pair of hands and ask for help, especially if you will be climbing a ladder to hang your decorations.
  4. Check the weather conditions before decorating outside – And put off your outside decorating if a storm or other adverse weather is predicted.
  5. Consider hiring professionals – If you can afford it and your holiday decorating plans are fairly elaborate, hire some pros to handle your decorating so you can fully minimize the risk of an accident and injuries.

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