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Coloradans love dogs.  They seem to partly symbolize our active, outdoor lifestyle.  However, unless properly trained and supervised, dogs can cause injuries to others.  Injuries from dogs are not just dog bites, however.  Unruly dogs can knock a person down, cause falls, cause bike wrecks, and distract drivers, for example.

To strike a balance between our tolerance for dogs and their inherent risks, it is often, but somewhat inaccurately stated that there is a “one bite” rule.  That is, the owner will not be held liable for his or her dog biting someone if the dog has never bitten anybody before.  In theory, the owner would have no reason to suspect that the dog would bite and so they have no duty to be cautious and keep the dog away from people.

This “one bite” rule in Colorado applies to most breeds.  However, if the dog is of a breed known for aggressive tendencies, such as a German Shepherd, Pit Bull, and some others, the “one bite” rule does not apply.

Depending on the circumstances under which a bite occurs, it is often possible to infer, despite denials from the owner, that it is not the first time the dog has bitten somebody and evidence can often be found that the dog has a troublesome history.  Neighbors and mail carriers can be good sources of information.

Even if a dog has not bitten before, introducing the dog into a situation in which the dog becomes agitated can be evidence of negligence by the dog owner.  For example, bringing a dog to a party that does not do well around crowds of people is asking for trouble and may form the basis for a successful claim.

Dog bites, especially bites to the face, which is a common target of bites, can be severely disfiguring and devastating.  Children are especially vulnerable to facial bites.

At Cederberg Law, a Boulder dog bite and personal injury lawyer will candidly discuss with you whether there is an ability to increase the value of your case by hiring us and whether a contingent (percentage) or hourly fee would be to your advantage.

When Negligence Contributes to Dog Attacks

Various forms of negligence can play a role in dog attacks and other misbehavior. Most commonly, however, the negligence that contributes to dog attacks and other misbehavior includes (but may not be limited to) dog owners’:

  • Failures to keep a dog on a leash
  • Failures to muzzle dogs that are known to be aggressive or vicious
  • Failures to keep dogs in appropriate enclosures
  • Failures to monitor dogs in public settings.

In these situations, dog owners – and possibly property owners – can be liable for compensating the victims of dog attacks.

Injuries Caused By Dogs

Denver & Boulder Dog Injury Lawyer

Boulder Dog Injury Lawyer

Dogs can provide a wonderful sense of companionship. When, however, larger and/or more aggressive dogs are not properly trained, restrained or monitored, they can harm people – sometimes causing catastrophic, permanent injuries.

At Cederberg Law, we are aware of the devastating harm that can be caused by dog bites, dog attacks and other misbehavior. That is why our attorney is committed to protecting the rights of injured people, helping them succeed in their pursuit of financial recovery.

If you or a loved one has been hurt by someone else’s dog, contact us today to find out more about your potential case and your best options for proceeding.

Injuries Caused by Dogs: More Important Information

  • Colorado leash laws – Although there are not currently any statewide leash laws in Colorado, different localities have adopted their own leash laws. When dog owners in those regions fail to abide by leash laws and their dogs attack and hurt people, these dog owners can be responsible for compensating victims for their injuries and losses.
  • Time limits for pursuing compensation – Colorado laws have set strict deadlines for pursuing financial recovery via dog attack cases. In fact, these deadlines, known as the statute of limitations, are generally two years (from the date of the attack).
  • Trespassing and/or inciting dog attacks – While dog owners can be liable for the harm and injuries their dogs cause, liability may be thrown into question if the alleged victim was trespassing and/or was instigating aggressive behavior from the dog when the attack occurred.

Dog Misbehavior Injuries

Dog Bit Attorney Cederberg LawBiting is not the only way that unruly dogs can inflict injury.  Unsupervised dogs can caused people to trip.  This can be especially true if someone is carrying groceries.  Rambunctious dogs that are not restrained can knock people over.  Loose dogs can chase bicycles and cause wrecks.  Dogs in cars can distract drivers and cause collisions or pedestrian accidents.

Generally speaking, dog owners have a responsibility to keep the animal from running loose and to keep it restrained on a leash, except at home or in designated public areas.  Under all circumstances, pet owners have a responsibility to use reasonable care to prevent injuries to others.

Even if a dog is restrained, the method of restraint can itself create a hazard.  For example, leaving a dog tethered in a crowded outdoor eating area creates a tripping danger to other patrons.

At Cederberg Law , a Boulder dog attack injury lawyer will candidly discuss with you whether our ability to increase the value of your case justifies hiring us and whether a contingent (percentage) or hourly fee would be to your advantage.

Recovering from Injuries Caused by Dogs

Dog bites and attacks – as well as overly aggressive behavior or even unchecked playing – can result in both physical injuries and psychological trauma. In the most serious cases, injuries caused by dogs can include (but may not be limited to):

  • Head and/or brain injuries
  • Back and/or neck injuries
  • Permanent nerve damage
  • Disfigurement
  • Potentially fatal injuries.

When larger dogs and more vulnerable people – like small children or elderly individuals – are involved in dog attacks or harmful play-related behaviors, it’s far more likely that the resulting injuries will be catastrophic, if not life-threatening.

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