Continuing from where Construction Site Accident Compensation: FAQs (Pt. 1) left off, here, we will answer some more commonly asked questions about construction site accidents, injuries and compensation.

Q – What if I lost my loved one in a construction site accident? What are my options for compensation?

These construction site accident FAQs can provide some insight regarding the options for pursuing compensation after a construction site accident. Call us for more answers.

These construction site accident FAQs can provide some insight regarding the options for pursuing compensation after a construction site accident. Call us for more answers.

A – Your options for compensation after losing a loved one in a fatal construction site accident will depend on whether your loved one worked on the construction site or was a passerby not employed on the site. Generally, however, the following may be options for compensation:

  • Filing a wrongful death lawsuit – This can be a better option when the lost loved one was not a construction site employee and the fatal accident may have been caused by some type of negligence.
  • Filing for death benefits – When the fatal accident impacted a loved one who worked on the construction site, filing for death benefits under the workers’ compensation system may be the best option for compensation.

Here, it’s important to note that:

  • There are strict time limits for any options related to obtaining compensation after a fatal construction site accident.
  • Although losing a loved one is a tragedy, pursuing compensation can be the best way to obtain the financial support a family may need as they grieve and focus on putting their loved one to rest properly.

Q – How long do I have to file my case?

A – It depends. Specifically, the time limits associated with filing your case will hinge on whether you will be pursuing a workers’ compensation claim for your construction site accident injuries or whether some other type of lawsuit (i.e., civil action) is your better option (depending again, of course, on the specifics of your case).

Regardless, however, both options for compensation DO have strict time frames, and waiting to move forward with either option can:

  • Make it that much more challenging in the future, as your memory of the accident may fade, witnesses may no longer be available, other evidence related to the construction site accident may be that much more difficult to locate (if it’s even still available)
  • Can impact the compensation you ultimately are able to secure.

Q – What type of compensation can I obtain for my construction site accident injuries?

A – Although the nature of construction site accident compensation will vary from case to case, in general, the following are some of the aspects that this compensation will typically be intended to cover:

  • Prior and future medical bills
  • Lost wages due to the construction site accident injuries
  • Permanent impairments and impacts to a person’s quality of life
  • Mental suffering
  • Property damage related to the accident (such as in the case when a car accident on a construction site may have resulted in auto damage).

There may be other types of compensation that injured people can obtain, so it’s advised that they consult with an experienced lawyer to get more information about their rights and potential entitlements.

For some more answers to common questions about compensation after a construction site accident, be sure to look for the upcoming conclusion to this blog series.

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