Concluding our blog series Colorado Hit-and-Runs: 6 Facts to Know, here, we’ll wrap up this discussion by highlighting some final important facts that you may need to know about these types of motor vehicle accidents.

Colorado Hit-and-Runs: Here’s What Else You Should Know

Fact 5 – Alcohol is often involved in Colorado hit-and-runs.

While these facts about Colorado hit-and-runs are eye-opening, contact us when you need help pursuing justice after being hurt in a hit-and-run accident.

While these facts about Colorado hit-and-runs are eye-opening, contact us when you need help pursuing justice after being hurt in a hit-and-run accident.

A study conducted by researcher Sara Solnick at the University of Vermont found that motorists who cause hit-and-run accidents typically end up fleeing the scene because they feel that they have more to lose if they stay at the scene. Tragically, in many cases, this specifically means that drivers were drunk when they hit someone else with their vehicles and that, in their intoxicated state, they believed that fleeing the scene is a better option than doing the right thing and staying to help victims.

In some cases, alcohol impairment may be coupled with one (or more) of the following factors, which tends to increase the chances that drivers will try to flee after causing accidents:

  • The driver doesn’t have a valid driver’s license and/or is underage.
  • The driver has a warrant out for his arrest and/or has a prior DUI.
  • The driver simply thinks that he can “get away with it” and/or is above the law.

Fact 6 – For the best chances of obtaining justice and compensation after Colorado hit-and-runs, contact Cederberg Law.

While the facts about Colorado hit-and-runs that we’ve highlighted so far in this blog series are eye-opening, the most important fact to know about these accidents is that, after they happen, victims can rely on Cederberg Law for:

  • Aggressive legal advocacy
  • Effective help tracking down the responsible, negligent drivers
  • Experienced help obtaining justice and compensation.

Although it may not always be possible to find the drivers who cause Colorado hit-and-runs, having an experienced lawyer on your side to defend your rights and protect your interests can be pivotal to helping you with your financial recovery and, in doing so, help you obtain some sense of justice after such senseless accidents harm you and/or your family.

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