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Carbon monoxide is odorless and colorless. Unfortunately, these characteristics make serious injuries and deaths all too common. If you or a loved one has been poisoned by carbon monoxide, you need skilled attorney to help you determine if you have a claim.

Boulder Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Attorney Luke Cederberg represents clients who have been injured by carbon monoxide in their homes, at work or in hotels. He can help you understand your options and he will work to secure you the compensation you deserve for your injuries. He has helped many clients receive lost wages, medical expenses, as well as damages for pain and suffering in personal injury cases.

To discuss your case, contact Luke Cederberg, a knowledgeable Boulder carbon monoxide poisoning attorney.

How Carbon Monoxide Exposure Occurs

Carbon monoxide is a normal product of combustion. Numerous precautions are written into building and plumbing codes to properly ventilate appliances and evacuate carbon monoxide away from structures. In high concentrations, it can cause damage to your brain and nervous systems. Carbon monoxide, when inhaled, prevents red blood cells from delivering oxygen throughout the body. In some tragic cases, this lack of oxygen can lead to death.

Carbon monoxide is produced by a variety of products, including:

  • Furnaces
  • Gas or oil-fueled space heaters
  • Water heaters
  • Stoves
  • Gas clothes dryers
  • Fireplaces and woodstoves

Carbon monoxide collects more frequently than most people think. It is particularly problematic in cabins or other seasonal properties in rural areas. However, it is important to remember carbon monoxide can collect in any home or building, at any time.

Carbon monoxide danger can result from inadequate air supply to appliances which causes formation of high concentrations of carbon monoxide, inadequate ventilation which does not allow the carbon monoxide to escape, or defective or poorly serviced or maintained appliances. These situations often involve poorly installed or damaged flues and chimneys. Carbon monoxide detectors are very important to protect occupants if carbon monoxide contamination does occur.

Exposure to carbon monoxide at high levels rapidly causes catastrophic results, including death and serious brain injury. Many people do not know that exposure to carbon monoxide at low levels can cause serious illness and indicate grave danger. Symptoms include headaches, nausea, malaise and flu-like symptoms, and confusion or listlessness.  Symptoms may be noticeable first in children or pets.

Holding the Right Parties Accountable for Your Serious Injury

In hotels, lodges, rental properties and apartment buildings, there can be liability for failure to have a carbon monoxide detector. When you hire Cederberg Law , Luke Cederberg, an experienced Boulder carbon monoxide poisoning lawyer, will immediately begin gathering evidence for your case and will work to hold the property owner accountable for his or her actions or inactions.

If a defective or dangerous product in your home, such as a gas appliance, caused your poisoning, he can help you bring a claim against the manufacturer. Luke Cederberg has extensive experience handling product liability cases and he can help you secure compensation for your injuries.

If you lost a loved one to carbon monoxide poisoning, Luke Cederberg can represent you in a claim against the property owner or the manufacturer of a faulty product. While he understands no amount of money can make up for your loss, he will work to hold the right parties responsible through a wrongful death suit.

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