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Steps to Take if You Are Injured in an Auto Accident

image of a moderate, rear-end, fender-benderMost Americans get into at least one car accident every five years, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). While this may be a shocking fact to some, it’s important to point out that, regardless of how careful you are when driving at any given time, you always face the risk of being involved in a car accident, particularly considering the fact that you cannot control the actions of other drivers on the road. Given this risk, all drivers should be aware of what to do if they are injured in a car accident.

Steps to take following a car accident injury:

  1. Immediately call 911 – If you are conscious after a car accident and have sustained any injuries, make sure to call emergency responders immediately and to report the extent and nature of your injuries (as well as of any injuries that may have been sustained by others involved in the car accident). Even if you think that your injuries may not be extensive or serious, call 911 and make sure that you are checked out by a trained professional, as you may be disoriented or unaware of how severe your injuries may be. Also, if you are in a condition to do so, ask witnesses for their name and contact information, get a business card, or ask someone else at the scene to get this information.  Police often fail to identify the witnesses at the scene.
  2. Follow through with all emergency medical care – While you may want to stay at the scene of the accident, be sure to comply with the suggestions of emergency responders regarding your medical care, as more thorough exams at a nearby hospital could reveal far more extensive injuries than are readily apparent (to you and to EMTs).
  3. Keep records of all your medical bills and doctors’ reports – After receiving emergency medical treatment, you may be required to undergo further follow up treatments, depending on the nature and severity of your car accident injuries. For any treatments you receive for these car accident injuries, be sure to keep copies of all medical bills you are sent, as well as all doctors’ reports you receive. These can be indispensable in helping you secure the compensation you need and deserve.
  4. Consult with an experienced car accident lawyer once your health is no longer in immediate danger – Once your health is no longer in immediate danger, meet with a skilled car accident lawyer to find out if you have a case and are entitled to compensation for your injuries and losses.

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