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Contrary to common perception, brain injuries are not black and white — the potential range of consequences is infinite. Brain injury can happen when the brain is bruised by contact with the inside of the skull due to seemingly minor trauma. Brain injuries can affect not only what a person can do, but who the person is.

If you or a loved one suffers a serious brain injury in an accident or due to someone else’s negligent conduct, contact Boulder Brain Injury Attorney Luke Cederberg for a free consultation about pursuing a claim or obtaining a settlement.

Luke Cederberg has represented a wide variety of boulder brain injury accident clients, including:

  • A professional woman injured in a bus wreck in Mexico who looked fine but literally could not dress herself in the morning because she had lost the organizational skill to decide what to wear.
  • An oil field worker who was rendered comatose when wellhead equipment blew out. Jim had a guardian appointed to help with the client’s personal decisions and needs and financial managers to oversee his substantial assets recovered in settlement. For years, as the client gradually recovered more and more of his faculties, Jim worked with him to terminate the guardianship, gain his driver’s license, gain more autonomy over his finances and retain a level of assistance that fit the client’s changing needs.
  • A 15-year-old boy who suffered catastrophic brain injury in a vehicle rollover and lost the movement on his right side, the vision in his right eye and his ability to speak. The boy’s mother insisted that despite his inability to communicate, her son knew everything that was going on and was trapped inside his ravaged body. Jim was able to dramatically demonstrate this when, during filming of a day-in-the-life film, the client painstakingly typed out on a large keyboard that he did not want to cooperate with the filming “Because I am Embarrassed!”
  • The family of a 9-year-old girl struck by a Jet Ski who was declared brain dead and died from a devastating brain injury.

These cases require many hours conferring with treatment providers, therapists, teachers and family members; reviewing extensive test results; and locating the right experts. They also require taking the time and having the imagination to present medical evidence to laypeople and help them comprehend the effects on the lives of the injured and their families.

Brain injuries can be subtle and show up as personality changes, an inability to work or study effectively, and changes in sleep patterns. A brain injury can also cause difficulty in doing routine tasks that involve multiple stimuli and require the brain to sort things out, such as driving at night and, oddly enough, grocery shopping.

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