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Colorado Motorcycle Helmet Laws

Colorado motorcycle helmet laws only require operators and motorcycle passengers who are younger than 18 years old to wear DOT-approved helmets when riding. According to Colorado motorcycle laws:

  • Motorcycle riders who are at least 18 years old are not legally required to wear helmets when riding.
  • Motorcycle passengers or operators who are younger than 18 years old are legally required to wear helmets when riding. These required helmets must be approved by the Department of Transportation (i.e., the helmets must be DOT approved).
  • Although helmets are not legally required for riders who are 18 or older, all riders are legally required to wear some type of eye protection when riding. Sufficient eye protection can include the visor on a helmet, safety glasses and/or safety goggles. A motorcycle’s windshield is not considered to be adequate eye protection when riding motorcycles in Colorado.

Motorcycle Helmet Safety Statistics

The following motorcycle accident and helmet safety statistics have been compiled and presented by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration:

  • Head injuries are the leading causes of motorcycle accident deaths for riders in the U.S.
  • Not wearing a motorcycle helmet increases riders’ risk of sustaining a fatal head injury in a traffic accident by approximately 40 percent.
  • Riders who don’t wear motorcycle helmets are about 15 percent more likely than riders wearing safety helmets to sustain other, non-fatal motorcycle accident injuries.
  • Researchers estimate that more than 1,800 lives could have been saved last year if motorcycle riders had been wearing safety helmets when fatal motorcycle accidents occurred.
  • Only 19 states and the District of Columbia currently have mandatory motorcycle helmet laws.

When Motorcycle Accidents Occur…

Although Colorado law does not require riders who are 18 or older to wear safety helmets, even when riders do choose to wear such protective gear and do their best to operate their motorcycles as safely as possible:

  • They cannot control the actions of other drivers on the road.
  • They may be injured in traffic accidents caused by other individuals’ negligent or reckless behavior.
  • They will likely be entitled to compensation for their medical bills, injuries, property damage and other losses if they are involved in a motorcycle accident that has been caused by others’ negligence or recklessness.

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