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Bicycles are extremely popular in Colorado, especially in and around Boulder.  The number of bicyclists on the road seems to be growing exponentially, and the bicycling season is virtually year-round.  The newspapers frequently report motorist versus bicyclist confrontations and controversies.  Bicyclists decry motorists who demonstrate little or no regard for meeting their obligations to share the road, and who pay little attention to their surroundings. Motorists get annoyed with bicyclists being hard to see, riding three abreast, and moving too slow or too fast, and who take liberties with motorist and pedestrian rules of the road.

The inescapable reality is that motor vehicles and bicycles are on the same roads, and when they clash, the bicyclist simply does not have a chance.  Vehicles impeding bicycles can easily cause the bicyclist to crash, even without contact with the car.  Extreme, catastrophic, and even fatal injuries to bicyclists are far too common.

Jurors, in general, are much more likely to identify with drivers than bicyclists.  Nevertheless, jurors can be educated and persuaded to understand that, especially where the presence of bicycles is obvious or to be expected, which covers a lot of territory, the fundamental standard of reasonable care requires consideration of the seriousness of the consequences of colliding with a bicycle and the extent of care required to be aware of bicycles and avoid colliding with or endangering them.  Biases against bicyclists must be acknowledged and addressed.

In evaluating a bicycle wreck case, it is also essential to objectively analyze and evaluate the conduct of the bicyclist, in order to provide sound advice and to defend against inevitable claims that the bicyclist did something wrong.

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