About 3 ½ years after the first NFL concussion lawsuit was filed, the judge presiding over this litigation has approved a proposed settlement agreement, which has been figured to cost at least $900 million.

This settlement could resolve the more than 200 lawsuits that are have been filed on behalf of more than 5,000 ex-NFL players and that have been consolidated in the multidistrict litigation against the NFL (in the U.S. District Court for the Easter District of Pennsylvania).

What this NFL Concussion Settlement Would Do

Here’s a look at the terms of a recently approved NFL concussion settlement. Contact our Denver personal injury lawyer when you need help obtaining justice.

Here’s a look at the terms of a recently approved NFL concussion settlement. Contact our Denver personal injury lawyer when you need help obtaining justice.

According to terms of this settlement agreement, which will cover the next 65 years, the final settlement would:

  • Pay retired NFL players who have been diagnosed with certain neurological impairments a monetary award (the precise amount of which will vary according to the nature and severity of a given person’s condition) – In fact, ex-players are not even required to establish that their injuries were related to playing NFL football in order for them to be eligible for payouts.
  • Fund a program dedicated to diagnosing, tracking and counseling ex-NFL players
  • Pay ex-players’ attorneys’ fees
  • Not deem the NFL at fault in any way
  • Not overturn or reverse any legal precedents that have been set in favor of the NFL.

If no appeals or other motions delay (or alter) the terms of this settlement, payouts to ex-players could be issued in as soon as 90 to 120 days. Some, however, have noted that a few plaintiffs’ attorneys have already raised objections to the terms of the settlement, making an appeal likely.

NFL’s Reaction to the Settlement Approval

Remarking on the recent approval of this settlement, NFL Executive VP and General Counsel Jeff Pash stated:

As a result of the settlement, retirees and their families will be eligible for prompt and substantial benefits and will avoid years of costly litigation that — as Judge Brody’s comprehensive opinion makes clear — would have an uncertain prospect of success. … We look forward to implementing the terms of the settlement and continuing to work with our players, coaches and medical staffs to enhance the safety and benefits of football.

Vaguely echoing some of the same sentiments, one of the plaintiffs’ counsel noted that:

With over 99 percent participation, it’s clear that the retired player community overwhelmingly supports this agreement and is eager to begin taking advantage of its benefits. In fact, throughout this process, the most common question we’ve heard from retired players has been how quickly can we get help?

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