As a continuation of 7 Tips for Reporting Car Accidents to Insurers (Pt. 1), here are a few more critical things to keep in mind as you deal with insurance companies after car accidents.

TIP 3: Provide your insurer with all of the info/evidence you have from the accident.

Keeping records of your interactions with insurers can be important to protecting yourself. Here are some more tips for dealing with insurers after car accidents.

Keeping records of your interactions with insurers can be important to protecting yourself. Here are some more tips for dealing with insurers after car accidents.

If you were able to collect insurance information from other motorists involved in the car accident and/or you took pictures of the damage, make sure you get this information and evidence to your insurance company. This can help facilitate your claim while backing up your statements about the accident.

It’s important to point out here that you should always keep the copies of all of the documents, photos, information and evidence you have provided to your insurance company. While insurers may lose this evidence, they may also try to claim that they never received it – so protect yourself by keeping copies of everything.

TIP 4: Keep notes about every conversation you have with insurers.

Just as you should keep copies of all of the documents, photos and evidence you have for the accident, you should also keep detailed records of:

  • When you spoke to insurers (the date and time)
  • What you talked about during each conversation
  • Any specific info an agent told you regarding your claim.

These records are generally easiest to keep track of in a journal or binder. This can also be a good place to keep copies of all mailed documents your insurer has sent you.

Although you may never need to use these records, if you are involved in a dispute with your insurer over your claim, having such evidence can be critical to helping you get the payout you deserve.

Look for the conclusion of this blog for final tips regarding what you should do when reporting car accidents to insurers.

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