If you have specific questions about your rights after reviewing these facts about premises liability lawsuits, contact Cederberg Law.

If you have specific questions about your rights after reviewing these facts about premises liability lawsuits, contact Cederberg Law.

Continuing from 6 Things to Know about Premises Liability Lawsuits (Pt. 1)¸ here is a discussion of two more essential facts to be aware of when you are considering filing a premises liability lawsuit.

3. There is a two-year statute of limitations for filing premises liability lawsuits – As with other types of personal injury cases litigated in Colorado, premises liability lawsuits must be filed within two years of the date of the accident in order for the injured person to legally be entitled to compensation for his injuries and losses. If the injured person misses this two-year window and tries to file a case after the statute of limitations has expired, his case will likely be thrown out of court, and he will lose his opportunity to seek compensation.

It’s important to point out here, however, that the clock for the two-year statute of limitations may start either on the date that the accident happened or the date on which the injured person first became aware of his injuries (through, for example, an official diagnosis from a medical professional).

4. Surveillance footage and property maintenance records can be crucial evidence in these cases – In many cases, proving that the conditions at a specific property were unsafe and that these conditions directly contributed to the plaintiff’s injuries will rely on evidence like surveillance camera footage and property maintenance records. Such evidence can critical to highlighting that certain areas of the property were dangerous, that they were not blocked off and/or that there were no warnings signs to alert visitors of the potential dangers.

Stay posted for the final part of this blog for some concluding information regarding premises liability lawsuits.

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