Wrapping up our series 6 Facts TBI Facts to Know for Brain Injury Awareness Month, here, we’ll conclude this discussion by reveal two more important things to know about traumatic brain injuries – and people’s rights after they’ve sustained them.

More Essential TBI Facts

Fact 5 – TBIs cost the U.S. economy more than $76 billion annually.

While these TBI facts are noteworthy, contact us when you need help pursuing compensation and justice after negligence has caused your TBI.

While these TBI facts are noteworthy, contact us when you need help pursuing compensation and justice after negligence has caused your TBI.

This may be one of the more shocking TBI facts we present, as it highlights just how astronomical the costs of traumatic brain injuries can be on a national level. As the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have reported, medical bills and the lost productivity associated with brain injuries in the U.S. ends up costing upwards of $76.5 billion each year.

What may be just as astounding, however, may be the fact that even just one moderate to serious brain injury can:

  • Irreversibly impair the wage earner for a family for life
  • Result in families being plunged into poverty, permanently pushing them out of the middle class.

Fact 6 – When negligence contributes to TBIs, injured people may be entitled to compensation.

Of all of the TBIs facts we’ve discussed thus far, this is perhaps the single most important one for people to remember if they – or anyone whom they love – ends up sustaining a new TBI. The bottom line is that, whenever negligence leads to traumatic brain injuries, victims:

  • Can hold negligent parties accountable in civil court
  • Can obtain compensation for their injuries, losses and mental suffering by moving forward with an injury lawsuit
  • Will have the best chances of obtaining the justice and compensation they deserve by working with an experienced lawyer – like an experienced Denver brain injury attorney at the Savage Law Firm.

With one of our attorneys on your side, you can be sure that your rights will be protected as you move forward in the pursuit of financial recovery.

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