Any car accident can be unnerving – let alone physically and psychologically damaging. This can increase the likelihood that accident victims forget what to do after a collision, possibly causing them to make mistakes that they would not have made had they had a clear mind (and/or had they not suffered head or other injuries).

To help you avoid such missteps that could impact your rights to compensation later, below, we’ll reveal some specific things you should NOT do after an auto accident.

Mistakes that Can Hurt Your Car Accident Claim

1 – Not calling police after the collision.

Avoiding these missteps after a car accident can help you protect your interests and potential claims to compensation, a Denver auto accident lawyer explains.

Avoiding these missteps after a car accident can help you protect your interests and potential claims to compensation, a Denver auto accident lawyer explains.

Following an accident, contacting police to report the wreck is important. This is because, while police can help immediately at the scene (by redirecting traffic around the wreckage, for instance), they will also:

  • Investigate the accident
  • Write an official accident report

This report can be invaluable later, as it may help identify who was at fault for the accident. Additionally, this report can provide other important info, such as the names/contact info for all involved parties, any witnesses to the accident, etc.

2 – Not seeing a doctor after the accident.

Even if you don’t feel hurt right after a collision, seeing a doctor ASAP is crucial to determining whether you may have suffered any injuries whose symptoms are not immediately apparent.

Additionally, just as police will develop accident reports, physicians will write up reports/document the extent of your injuries. This documentation can be pivotal later when it comes time to establish just how badly you were injured following a collision.

3 – Admitting any fault for causing the collision.

This is a potentially big mistake that people can make after a collision, as even a partial admission of fault can be used by insurance companies to significantly undercut claims.

Here, we also want to point out that even saying something like “Sorry for the accident” (i.e., apologizing) could be considered to be a partial admission of fault. So, do your best to only discuss the facts of the collision with other motorists, the police and even insurers after the collision.

4 – Believing that insurers are on your side after your accident.

This mistake can lead people to inadvertently trust insurance companies that are typically not on their sides after a collision. In fact, when this mistake is made, it can lead to people accepting low-ball settlement offers or even unfair denials of their claims.

5 – Not consulting with an experienced car accident attorney.

Ultimately, this is one of the biggest mistakes people can make after an auto accident because it can result in them:

  • Not having adequate protection for their rights and interests
  • Not having representation when it comes to dealing with insurers
  • Not obtaining the justice and compensation they deserve after being the victims of car accidents.

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