Concluding our three-part blog 5 Reasons to Beware of Insurers: Signs of Bad Faith, below, we will highlight two final ways in which insurers commonly act in bad faith to try to get off the hook for paying policyholders for their valid claims. Being aware of some of these common signs of bad faith is crucial for anyone who has insurance because it can help them know when they should consult with an attorney and take action against the insurer.

Bad Faith Sign 4: Your insurer says that you aren’t as badly injured as you really are.

This common type of insurance dispute arises when insurers try to tell policyholders that:

  • Their injuries are minor or are not as severe as they really are.
  • They don’t need the medical treatments they actually need.
  • They are trying to claim coverage for a pre-existing condition (for instance, if a person states he has sustained a neck injury in a car accident, the insurer may try to claim that the neck injury existed prior to the accident and, therefore, won’t be covered by the policy).

Although such disputes can be complicated to prove, experienced attorneys will know how to gather evidence like medical reports, test results, etc. to:

  • Establish the true nature and severity of policyholders’ injuries.
  • Help policyholders get the full compensation they deserve so they can get the ongoing (or possibly even long-term) medical treatments they may need.

Bad Faith Sign 5: Your insurer says that you caused the accident or injury.

In some cases, insurers may argue that policyholders are not entitled to a payout for their claims because the policyholders caused the accident, event or injury associated with their claim. When claimants know that this is not the case and that they are, in fact, the victims, they should not try to confront the insurer by themselves to dispute the claim.

In many cases, insurers will give policyholders the runaround, try to use what they say against them and/or try to get them to settle their case for a small fraction of what it is actually worth.

Contacting the Boulder Insurance Dispute Lawyers at Cederberg Law

If you are involved in a dispute with your insurance company, don’t try to fight the company on your own. Instead, contact the Boulder insurance dispute lawyers at Cederberg Law. We are skilled at going up against insurers, proving when they have acted in bad faith, and ultimately helping our clients get the compensation and settlements to which they are entitled.

We offer free, no obligations consultations to people battling insurance companies, and we are ready to help them fight for their rights. To set up a meeting with one of our skilled and trusted attorneys, you can call us at 303-499-0449 or email us using the form one the side of the screen. For individuals who choose to move forward with us, we will not charge them any legal fees until or unless we are able to get them compensation for their claims.