Continuing from 5 Reasons to Beware of Insurers: Signs of Bad Faith (Part 1), here, we will continue discussing some more common ways in which insurance companies may try to act in bad faith to get out of having to pay policyholders for their valid claims. Anyone who has car insurance, homeowners’ insurance or other types of insurance coverage should be familiar with these signs of bad faith so that they know when to fight back and get the compensation they deserve

Bad Faith Sign 2: Your insurer says your policy doesn’t cover the accident in your claim.

While insurance companies may try to say that you don’t have an active policy (as discussed in Part 1 of this blog), it’s also common that they try to tell policyholders that, even though they do  have an active policy, the specific accident or incident associated with their claim is not covered by the policy.

One example of this may be with uninsured motorist coverage in an auto policy. For instance, insurance companies may try to avoid paying policyholders after hit-and-run accidents by stating that these people’s car insurance policies doesn’t have uninsured motorist coverage. Alternately, insurers may try to claim that a policyholder doesn’t have flood coverage for a homeowners’ policy.

The examples of this type of bad faith practice are endless, but the bottom line is that, when policyholders know they have been paying for specific coverage and their insurer claims they don’t have it, this is an act of insurance bad faith.

Bad Faith Sign 3: You have been waiting months for a payout.

A more subtle way that insurers may act in bad faith to try to avoid paying policyholders involves prolonging the investigation of their claim. In many cases, insurers’ motivation here is to try to make policyholders desperate enough for money that they end up agreeing to accept a settlement that is far less than their claim is worth.

If you have been waiting an excessively long time for a payout from an insurer, it’s time to consult with a Boulder insurance dispute attorney at Cederberg Law.

Look for our third installation of this blog for two more common examples of insurance bad faith.

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