When you are ready to get on the path to financial recovery and justice after being victimized by negligence, meeting with a personal injury attorney will be the first step to:

  • Finding the right lawyer to represent you and rely on moving forward
  • Getting your case started.

To make this meeting count and determine whether you want to move forward with a specific attorney, ask the following questions during your initial consult. They can be very revealing about the type of representation you can expect if you move forward with a particular lawyer.

During an Initial Consult, Ask a Lawyer…

  1. Getting ready to meet with an attorney for an initial consult? If so, ask these questions to find out if (s)he’s the right lawyer for you, a Denver personal injury lawyer explains.

    Getting ready to meet with an attorney for an initial consult? If so, ask these questions to find out if (s)he’s the right lawyer for you, a Denver personal injury lawyer explains.

    What is your experience with cases like mine? – Not all personal injury lawyers handle every type of personal injury claim that’s out there, and you want to make sure that you retain a lawyer who has had experience building and litigating cases like yours.

    In fact, even if you have a car accident case and you are speaking to a car accident attorney, be sure to specifically ask if that attorney has handled a case that involves the same issues as yours (as even in the realm of motor vehicle accident cases, there are various types of cases, such as drunk driving cases, distracted driving cases and even faulty vehicle equipment cases;each of these cases will require different work and skills to successfully resolve).

  2. How successful have you been at resolving cases like mine? – Look for a clear answer here. Vague answers can indicate that a lawyer isn’t being straight with you, and that can be a big red flag that you may not be able to rely on that person to be truthful or clear with you moving forward with your case.
  3. What can I expect from you in terms of communication/contact/updates about my case? – Your case will likely take a least a few weeks (but potentially longer) to resolve. Along the way, how often do you want to hear from the lawyer? Only when major things happen or at every step of the way? Make sure you find an attorney who will be accessible to you and will communicate with you in a manner that suits your needs and expectations.
  4. What do former clients have to say about you and can I have a few references to contact? – Past clients can reveal a lot about what you can expect from a lawyer in terms of results and service.While a lawyer can certainly tell you that former clients would provide glowing reviews of his or her services, see if that lawyer is confident enough to provide you with references to contact (regardless of whether you plan on contacting these references in the future). This, again, could be another litmus test for how truthful and professional that lawyer may be moving forward.
  5. What will you do to get my case started? – Depending on the type of case you have and how soon the statute of limitations for your case will expire, some lawyers may put your case on hold; in other words, they may take it on immediately but then shelve it for a few (or more) months while they work on other people’s cases.Often, this can end up compounding people’s financial stresses, as the longer the lawyer puts off working on a case, the longer victims will have to wait to get the payouts they may really need and be relying on. So, figure this out upfront, and consider consulting with another lawyer if a professional doesn’t have good answers for you about how soon (s)he will get your case started (and what (s)he will do specifically to this end).

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