A personal injury lawsuit can be the means by which the victims of negligence are able to financially recover and get some justice after an accident or injury. As people get ready to file these cases – and as a case proceeds, however, certain things can end up weakening it, possibly even affecting plaintiff’s claims to compensation.

If you are getting ready to file a case or are currently involved in a personal injury case, keep reading to find out what you should avoid doing so that you don’t end up subverting your efforts to obtain the compensation you likely deserve.

Personal Injury Case Mistakes: What Plaintiffs Should Avoid Doing

Doing these things can subvert your efforts to obtain compensation for your injuries via a personal injury lawsuit, a Denver personal injury lawyer points out.

Doing these things can subvert your efforts to obtain compensation for your injuries via a personal injury lawsuit, a Denver personal injury lawyer points out.

When planning to be involved in or proceeding with a personal injury case, do your best to remain vigilant in avoiding the following:

  1. Disobeying doctors’ orders – As you recover from the injuries caused by an accident, seeing a medical professional and following through with the prescribed treatments will be necessary – both to your health but also to your case.In fact, if you do not follow through with doctors’ orders (possibly by, for instance, not getting treatments, overexerting yourself or even returning to work before a medical professional has cleared you do to so), you could give defendants some room to try to argue that your injuries are not as extensive as you have claimed (or, potentially, that you weren’t really even injured in the incident at all). So don’t do this; instead, comply with all doctors’ orders.
  2. Relying on insurance companies to be on your side – This is a big mistake because insurance companies are generally not on victims’ sides. Instead, these companies are on their own side, looking to protect their profits and pay as little out as possible (in most cases). So, don’t trust your insurance agent or overshare information with him or her. This could end up sinking your case, depending on what you tell an insurer; at the very least, it could put the value of your case at risk, possibly giving an insurer room to try to reduce your compensation.
  3. Throwing out or misplacing documents related to your accident and/or injuries – As doctors, insurance companies and other parties involved in the accident/case send or give you documents, keep everything. Misplacing or even tossing out these documents is equivalent to throwing out evidence in your case and could make it difficult later to prove negligence, the extent of your damages and/or the amount of compensation to which you may be entitled.
  4. Blasting defendants on social media – Although you may want to vent about your case and get support from your loved ones as you pursue financial recovery, don’t post anything online (in social media or elsewhere) about your case, accident and/or injuries. These types of posts could become evidence against you later if an insurer (or another party) subpoenas these records, and you don’t want to do anything that could generate evidence against your claim if you can help it.

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