The Google self-driving car, which has been in development for at least the past six years, has been recently capturing a lot more national attention and headlines as news about its performance in test rides is being made available.

To get you up to speed with the latest updates, below are some of the most recent and fascinating facts about the Google self-driving car.

Updates about Google’s Self-Driving Car

  • Here are some of the latest updates about the Google self-driving car, a Denver car accident lawyer reveals. Contact us if you’ve been hurt in a traffic crash.

    Here are some of the latest updates about the Google self-driving car, a Denver car accident lawyer reveals. Contact us if you’ve been hurt in a traffic crash.

    These cars have driven more than 1.8 million miles to date – This extensive testing is still ongoing and includes driving on closed test tracks, as well as on city streets with other vehicles (with the majority of the real-world tests being conducted in the Bay Area and in Austin, Texas).

  • To date, these vehicles have been in at least 11 accidents – These traffic accidents, which all occurred in real-world test driving scenarios, were reportedly all caused by other motorists, Google has pointed out. And, the majority of these crashes were rear-end collisions. This point elucidates how humans behind the wheel of vehicles may be the biggest risk or danger on the road. In fact, as Google has pointed out when discussing its motivations for developing a self-driving car:Imagine if everyone could get around easily and safely, regardless of their ability to drive. Aging or visually impaired loved ones wouldn’t have to give up their independence. Time spent commuting could be time spent doing what you want to do. Deaths from traffic accidents—over 1.2 million worldwide every year—could be reduced dramatically, especially since 94% of accidents in the U.S. involve human error.
  • Some predict that Google self-driving cars could come to market within 4 to 10 years – While industry experts have estimated that Google’s self-driving car could be available for general consumer purchase within a decade, Chris Urmson, the director of the Google self-driving car project, has made statements indicatimg that his timeline for bringing these vehicles to market may be far more aggressive – as it may be within four to five years.
  • There may be some significant challenges to these vehicles becoming prominent on U.S. roadways – In fact, some of the bigger challenges that Google may face as it transitions from the testing to the production phase include developing relationships with automakers (who may end up being the ones Google turns to for mass production needs), as well as finding the right customer niche or base.

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